The following is a list of issues addressed in Spotlight Enterprise 13.5

Issues resolved in Spotlight Enterprise 13.5

Issue ID
Spotlight now loads the huge data records for Fragmented Indexes without any timeout error. The timeout period for loading the data record for Fragmented Indexes is increased from 30 minutes to two hours. SES-1685
Spotlight retains the SSR data in the Statistics Repository even after the configured time frame.
The issue is resolved now. System now retains data as per the configured time frame.
Spotlight displays an error while working on the Rewind mode. The issue was observed on Monitor | SQL Activity | Deadlocks.
This issue is resolved now.
Spotlight displays an error when users click on a monitored SQL server instance on the Database drilldown. The issue is observed after upgrading the Spotlight for SQLServer environment from 13.3 to 13.4.
This issue is resolved now.
SOSSE displays incorrect results when the Filter database name field is left blank and inconsistency in the result when filtered using the “*” or “%” symbols. This issue is observed on SOSSE | SQL Server Overview | Monitor | SQL Activity | Sessions | Session Filters | Filter database name.
The issue is resolved. SOSSE now displays the correct records when filtered using the above scenario.
When the system database uses a different collation, the SoSSE script fails with an error in collection.log. The issue was observed when two different instances were having cross collations.
The issue is resolved now.
The password fields (Authentication Password and Privacy Password) on the SNMP Trap screen displays password text instead of showing masked characters. The issue is observed on SOSSE | Diagnostic Server | SNMP Trap.
The issue is resolved now.
The Filtered by field is added on the SQL Activity screen to display the database name that is used to filter the list of sessions.
This field appears on Spotlight | SQL Server Overview | Monitor | SQL Activity | Sessions | Filtered by.
The default threshold value of medium and high ‘Memory - Physical Memory Available’ alarm for Windows is increased to 512 MB and 128 MB.
The issue is resolved now.
Spotlight displays the incorrect version number information for the monitored entities “Windows_Server_2016” and “Windows_Server_2019” as “Windows 2010”.
The issue is resolved. Spotlight now displays the correct Windows Server version.
Spotlight client crashes without displaying any error when a user is trying to enable Spotlight Cloud to upload data.
The issue is resolved now.
The Windows Inventory Report displays an incorrect OS bit size and few columns were blank when there was no information/data available.
The issue is resolved now.
The Kill Session option was not disabled in the Playback mode. This issue is observed on Spotlight | Monitor | SQL Activity | Sessions/Blocking/Locks.
The issue is resolved now.