The following is a list of issues addressed in Spotlight Enterprise 14.1 and its subsequent versions

Issues Resolved in Spotlight Enterprise 14.1.1

Issue Issue ID
When users open the Spotlight application, an error is displayed when old playback data deletion is triggered. This issue is observed in version 14.1 of Spotlight. SES-1997
SQL replication fails with an error when users attempt to monitor the connection. SES-1993
When users modify the templates copied from the Factory Settings, some alarms may go missing. SES-1981

Issues Resolved in Spotlight Enterprise 14.1

Issue Issue ID
SOSSE will now raise the Service Not Running alarm when status of Windows service - Automatic (delayed start) is stopped. SEMB-1882
Fixed the CVE-2023-21939 vulnerability found in Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise and upgraded the JDK library to 11.0.18. SES-1967
When users monitor an Azure Managed Instance and enable Spotlight Cloud upload, SOSSE triggers an alarm for Spotlight Cloud Data Transfer. This issue is observed because Spotlight Cloud does not support Azure Managed Instance. SES-1958