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Configure Alarms Set the thresholds and severities that determine when an alarm is raised. Disable an alarm. Set an alarm to require acknowledgment. Configure keyed alarms. C...
Apply configuration to... Apply the configuration of a template or connection to one or more connections.
Configure Connections Request Spotlight Enterprise monitor your SQL Server, Windows Server and other connection types. Remove connections and configure connection properties.
Delete Connections Remove the connection and configuration information of a monitored connection from Spotlight. Spotlight will stop monitoring this connection.
Configure Custom Counters Configure Spotlight to track counters not included in Spotlight.
Configure Defragmentation Check Configure the criteria used to collect data for the SQL Server | Databases drilldown | Fragmented indexes page
Configure Disks Display Configure how disks are displayed on the Windows Server | Overview page | Disks panel.
Configure Error Log Entries Configure Spotlight to scan the SQL Server error log for matching entries.
Configure Monitored Files Configure Spotlight to track the growth of files (usually log files) on monitored Windows Server.
Configure Planned Outage Let Spotlight know the scheduled maintenance times for monitored connections. During the outage period, Spotlight will treat these connections as unavailable...
Configure Scheduling Configure Spotlight's data collection schedules. How often is data collected? On what day? At what time?
Configure SQL Server Response Time Define the SQL statement used to measure SQL Server response time.
Configuration templates Save Spotlight monitoring configurations to a template