Health performance data can be uploaded to the Spotlight Cloud.


The Spotlight Diagnostic Server must be configured to allow upload of data to the Spotlight Cloud. Use the Spotlight Client to Confiure uploading to the Spotlight Cloud.


To retrieve the analysis of this data, use a web browser to sign in with your Quest account to

Data handling and Security

For more information on Data handling and Security, see Data handling and Security

Spotlight Enterprise Cloud Integration vs. Spotlight Cloud Product

Spotlight Enterprise Cloud Integration

  • On Spotlight Cloud a small subset of monitoring features are available for Spotlight Enterprise users such as SQL Server Overview page monitoring, Alarms, Performance health, etc.
  • This particular integration is free for Spotlight Enterprise users.

Spotlight Cloud Product

  • Spotlight Cloud is a cloud-powered SQL Server Performance monitoring solution that provides 24*7 monitoring, instant diagnostics, and powerful tuning to ensure consistent performance and high availability.
  • To try the Spotlight Cloud Product, please following the Getting Started documentation on
  • Spotlight Cloud is a SaaS offering and is charged on a subscription basis. Your first subscription is a 30-day Professional Trial. Enjoy the benefits of a Professional Trial subscription for 30 days free of charge. At the end of 30 days purchase Spotlight Cloud Professional or continue to use Spotlight Cloud on a Basic subscription. To determine the subscription that best suits your needs visit

Configure uploading to the Spotlight Cloud

Azure SQL Managed Instance monitoring is not supported.

Troubleshooting Errors

Error on Spotlight Cloud feature: “An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host” (248834)

The solution can be found here KB 248834