A Spotlight overview page captures the performance of a single monitored connection. Flows and components are updated in real time to highlight obvious bottlenecks and problem areas and color coded to indicate when an alarm is raised.

Open the Spotlight Overview page

From the Spotlight Client, click on a connection from the left Connections display to open the Spotlight Overview page.

About the Spotlight Overview page

Flows and components

The Spotlight Overview page is made up of flows and components.

Tailored to the connection type

The Spotlight Overview page flows and components are tailored to the connection type.

Show a basic description of the component.

Hover the mouse over the component

Show a detailed description of the component.

Left click on the component

Alarms and component color

If a Spotlight Overview page component’s color is other than green then the component is in an alarm state. Click on the component for help to resolve the alarm.

Unable to collect data

If Spotlight is unable to collect the data required, Spotlight displays a small icon Refresh Error on the affected component. Click the icon to see more information about the problem.

What’s This?

TO show help on a Spotlight Overview page component, right click on the component and select What’s This?.

Icon Description
Show Me If available, click to show more numerical detail related to the Spotlight Overview page component.
Diagnose If alarms have been raised against the component then What’s This? provides assistance in resolving the alarms.

The behavior of What’s This is configurable. For more information, see Home page click action.

Show History

Right click on a Spotlight Overview page component and select Show History to show the component’s history in a popup chart.

Use the chart toolbar to zoom and maximize the view. Help on the charts toolbar provides more information on the zoom feature: Spotlight Charts Toolbar.

Right-click the chart to set the time frame.

For more historical views see Playback.

Show Details

Right click on a Spotlight Overview page component and select Show Details to open a Spotlight drilldown page made up of grids and charts that further details the data related to this Spotlight Overview page component.

Copy to Clipboard

Right click on a Spotlight Overview page component and select Copy to Clipboard to copy numeric data associated with the component to the clipboard. Paste from the clipboard to the desired destination – as text within a text editor.