The following is a list of enhancements implemented in Spotlight Enterprise 13.5

Enhancements implemented in Spotlight Enterprise 13.5

Enhancement Issue ID
Users were not able to scroll up or down the list of connections selected for the Planned Outage.
The issue is resolved now.
SOSSE now displays only one blocking alert for a session that blocks multiple sessions even when the blocking trail has multiple levels. SOSSE displays this alert based on the lead blocker.
Example: “Session 70 is blocking sessions 78, 91, 72, 93, 73 and others for a maximum of 2 minutes.”
For detailed blocking alerts, navigate to SQL Activity | Blocking.
For details about the alarm, navigate to Configure | Alarms | Locks - Blocked Processes.
Users can now set a minimum duration value specific to an individual connection under Local Extended Event.
This field can be set for any SQL Server connection by navigating from SQL Server connection | Properties | Details | Advanced Options » | Min duration.
User can now search connections with multiple tags at a time using only ‘SPACE’ as a delimiter while creating a custom view on Add Custom View | New Connection View Properties | Select Connections. SEMB-78